Keeled Treehopper
Antianthe expansa

The keeled treehopper is generally considered a garden pest.  I most often find them on my tomato plants.  In large enough numbers, they severely damage, or even kill the plants.  Like aphids and other sucking bugs, keeled treehoppers produce a sweet fluid called honeydew which is attractive to ants.  In the same way as aphids, keeled treehoppers are tended by ants.  So to control the bugs, instead of using insecticides, I take measures to deny ants access to the plants I want to protect.  Yes, I do sacrifice some plants to provide keeled treehoppers for science class activities.

Keeled Treehopper, Antianthe expansaKeeled treehoppers on a tomato plant, both adults and nymphs.

Keeled Treehopper, Antianthe expansaAn adult keeled treehopper. Notice the high Sharp "keel" over its back, the large, horizontal "horns" beside its red eyes.  In front of it are nymphs.

Keeled Treehopper, Antianthe expansaHere is a finger for a size clue with the black, spiny nymphs.

Keeled Treehopper, Antianthe expansaNymphs, very close up.

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