Green Fruit Beetle
Cotinis mutablis

Green Fruit Beetle, Cotinis mutablis I often hear an approaching green fruit beetle before I see it.  It sounds like an in coming B-29.  According to my sources, the larva stage is spent in horse dung.  Since years ago the horses were moved far from here, the adult must fly a considerable distance.

Green Fruit Beetle, Cotinis mutablis The green fruit beetle seems to be unable to distinguish a white wall from open sky.  I hear the buzz, then thwack! as it hits the white fascia board along the eaves.  Frequently the beetle sufficiently stunned to fall to the ground, sometimes on its back like this one.

Green Fruit Beetle, Cotinis mutablis Soon it's back on its legs, ready to fly into another wall.  Notice the metallic coloring of the legs and head.

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