Back Yard Botany
by Kenneth Fuller
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Botany is the scientific study of plants.  Many people think that science is hard.  However, if you start at the beginning and take it in small steps, botany like any other science does not have to be difficult, and can even be fun (especially if you don't have to worry about a grade).  I am suggesting some observational activities and some experimental activities.  I will attempt to put them in order from simplest to more advanced, well sort of. 
Students should start with activities well within their ability, then try progressively more difficult ones as they stretch and extend the limits of their knowledge and ability.
Teachers can adapt activities to the maturity and experience levels of their students.  Many of the beginning activities may be suitably adapted to students from kindergarten through college level.
Parents may find some of these activities can be used to entertain preschoolers, and to alleviate vacation boredom of older children.  Parents and kids working together on an activity creates togetherness and "quality time".  In fact parents might like to do some activities for their own benefit, and maybe just let the kids look on.  There is nothing more motivating to a student than to have parents show an active interest in learning.

It is never too soon to start

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