Jerusalem Cricket
Stenopelmatus fuscus

Jerusalem Cricket, Stenopelmatus fuscusA Jerusalem cricket (aka, potato bug)showed up on my patio one dark and rainy night.  I most often see them when turning the soil in the garden.  They live virtually all their lives under ground.  They look scary, but are hamless to people.

Jerusalem Cricket, Stenopelmatus fuscusThis view gives a different perspective of the anatomy of the Jerusalem cricket.  It shows the adaptation of its feet and legs for digging, making walking on the sruface awkward.  I found that once on its back, the cricket was not able to turn back over.  Even with my help it was not easy, it kept flipping back.  Size clue, the plastic box is about 2.4 inches square, the triangle in the lower right is about 1 cm on each side.

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