Fuller's Rose Weevil
Pantomorus cervinus

Fuller's Rose Weevil, Pantomorus cervinus I was taking a picture of the egg of the giant swallowtail butterfly, The tiny white sphere on the right. When I looked at the enlarged picture on the computer screen, I discovered that the dark shadow inside the curled leaf was a weevil (a beetle of the family Curclionidae).

Fuller's Rose Weevil, Pantomorus cervinus The Fuller's rose weevil is nocturnal. So when I uncurled the leaf in day light, she was slow moving and easy to photograph. This pest was introduced from South America in the late 1800's. They caused great problems for the citrus growers, among others. My poor tangelo tree seems to get every problem there is. No one has ever found a male Fuller's rose weevil. But the females go on laying eggs that hatch females.

Fuller's Rose Weevil, Pantomorus cervinus This view shows the unusually short snout, as weevil snouts go.

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